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CIGARBOX GUY, INC.  maker of authentic Cigar box Electric Guitars.      
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Cigarbox Guy History and Guitars
History of Cigarbox Guy started when a friend said "have you ever seen a "cigarbox guitar"?  Once my eyes saw the simplicity and elegance of a hand made musical instrument, I became infatuated.  This is where it began and where it has evolved to today.  The Delta Blues sound is the soul of each of these instruments.  Without the sound the guitar is just another hand made piece of art from wood.  Combining the sound with the craftsmanship is what it is all about.  It started over 100 years ago and began with a cigar box, piece of wood, and a few strings to today where you can connect each to an amplifier, turn up the sound, add a little reverb and distort then enjoy.  You too will be hooked, like me!
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