CIGARBOX GUY, INC.  maker of authentic Cigar box Electric Guitars.      
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History and Guitars

Cigarbox guy is an individual who enjoys a fine cigar and the sound of quality blues.  Once turned on to the sound of the Delta Blues tones of the cigarbox guitar he was hooked.  It started with a conversation about the cigarbox guitar history and this created the infatuation of studying the history, the style of play, the tones, and the sensation of an honest American sound.  You too will be a fan of the cigarbox sound and will enjoy the fresh blues of today with the richness of simplicity.  This is what makes the cigarbox guitar so unique, it is Americana at its essence. You put it in your hands and you can feel the history.  the USA.  Cigar Box Guitars have a history since the early days in the Delta, each box has its own tone, sound, and signifcance.  No reason to change that today by mass production.  Everyone of these are special works of art and one at a time produced, just for you
All Guitars shown are custom made and originally designed.

Each are electric and can be played both accoustically or with electric amp.
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